The First Hero Of Old

“This book contains all i collected on the lore and legends on the mysterious First Hero who arose from the rubble of The Old Empire.”

“They say he wielded the Holy Sword(Karnifex) in his left hand and the Holy Shield(Ancile) in his right. That his Armour(Kavacha) was made of pure platinum and could not be pierced. I have also found evidence that his Helm Of Awe could induce fear and protects against abuse of power. Many sightings say that he adorned beautiful white feathered angelic wings tipped with black feathers.”

“Many reporting’s have suggested that those who fought beside him have fought at there best or even better at times but the evidence is unsubstantial.”

“I have come to the conclusion that the first hero was at least apart of a small group if not the leader of it. The members descriptions seem to be consistent but their names seem to be lost in time. Still more research to be done to be certain.”

I found a prophecy that states that the one who wields The Holy Sword(Karnifex) and The Holy Shield(Ancile) and Wears the Helm Of Awe is the rightful King Of Ishira.

The First Hero Of Old

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