The Fall Of Ishira

The Story So Far

Where You Stand


The Party formed together and took the job to head out to find the Torch Boyz who desecrated the church of Iion. They found the broken tower the bandits used as a main base and destroyed it. Killing all but one named Avon who they questioned then set free. They descovered the second group of bandits who were trying to break into a tomb. The party retreated to plan then came back and killed the rest with the aid of Avon. Once entering the tomb they realized it belonged to a branch group from the Order Of The Gauntlet. Solving the puzzle The Party entered down further into the tomb where they freed Baern and found a Holy Sword. Baern is now indebted to Bigby and now follows him.

Soon after The Party left again, this time on a mission for an old friend of Vorns named Iildan. This time they set a trap for their targets. They fought a hard battle but came out on top. They found out that there is a shady group with a unknown name who have been working with corrupt gaurds from the city of Norhaven. The Party found out one of the members is named Steandire Blackhand. They delivered the items they were sent for and made some gold. Iildan thanked them by agreeing to find out more information about a group called Chronos for Bigby. He also showed them to the underground network where the Zhentarim reside.

After receiving a disturbing letter from Ramen asking for help The Party head off to Matlock to investigate and rest.



DM_Brett DM_Brett

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