The Fall Of Ishira

The Old Ones No.2

Session 2


We picked up with Bigby and Baern gagged and bound in separate cells under the Majors keep. While Bigby and Baern were being sent to the dungeon Vorn was at a Inn speaking to the bar man. From the chat Vorn discovered the story and rumors surrounding the mysterious death of the Major and his family. Vorn then speaks with a fellow Black Network member who gives more information on the situation at hand. Vorn heads to a store and buys so supplies and decides to head off to so what has happened to Ramen. As he comes up to Ramens hut he discovers to people are within. After fighting a deadly battle and just surviving Vorn discovers Ramens place is a mess and Ramen is nowhere to be found. While that was happening back in the cells Baern and Bigby work together to remove a blade from the boot of Baern. Bigby then uses the blade to remove the gag from his mouth and then casts a spell to control the guard. It is a success and the guard obeys Bigbys instructions. Using the guard and their skills the party escape the keep and meet up with Vorn near Ramens hut. They decide to stay the night in Ramens place. They question the guard they have captive and find out about The Voiceless Talkers and The Old Ones. Once night hits the Party sleeps and a few go on watch. On the last watch Bigby spots a large force seemingly surrounding the place too late. Surrounding the unsuspecting party the forces ready themselves.


DM_Brett DM_Brett

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