The Fall Of Ishira

The Old Ones

Session 1


The party left Whitewater towards Matlock to see what was going on with Ramen. Understanding he was in trouble the party made haste, meanwhile all alone Schukle journeyed back towards Whitewater where he ventures back to retrieve his sword and meet with the rest of the party unknowing they had left. As he traveled back he came across a group of shady men trying to load cages into a cart. He spoke with them for a brief moment and saw a strange imp like creature in the cage. The creature spoke to him and he decided to help it out. After battling the men he agreed to a contract with the imp and in return for freeing the imp Schukle retrieved 5 magical cigars. He headed back to town where he got his sword back. he spent the night there waiting for his allies to return. In the morning he decided that they probably went back to The Snakehead Keep, so he headed off. While this was happening the Party were ambushed upon arriving at the keep. When they entered the main tent they saw Big Sam (Bodyguard) and Emile (Maid) pined to the main support beam. As the party were stunned be the site the enemy attacked from the shadow and even all seeing Vorn was surprised. After a fierce battle with Vorn going down and Bigby letting Albino assist him they just came on top. But for Bigby the battle wasn’t over and he lost control as for a brief moment Albino took over and attacked his friends. Vorn and Baern swiftly deal with the out of control Bigby. After Bigby wakes up and they spot an enemy running away . Vorn executes a perfect shot to kneecap him. the party interrogate him and find out the bosses name is Bullox. They work for a secret group known as The Mercury.
They find a coded letter on the body of Bullox and they spend time decoding it. Bigby heads for a early night as Vorn and Baern head out to the tavern. The next day the party head out , Vorn heads to the tavern to gather info and spread rumours as Bigby and Baern head to the majors keep to ask for assistance. Bigby and Baern discover that there are new guards brandishing emblems of black roses who are guarding the keep. They enter the keep without weapons and soon realize things are not right. They meet with a Lord Quaves who is seemingly in charge and sentences them to be hanged the next morning for the murder of the Major and his family without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Realizing they were set up they attempt to escape but it turns out to be futile. They are taken to the dungeon where they are locked up, awaiting execution.


DM_Brett DM_Brett

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